For Students

For Students

CHIPS 21st

  • The U.S. currently boosts a semiconductor workforce of about half a million.
  • By 2030, another 250,000 trained semiconductor engineers are needed to meet the growing demand by industry.
  • The University of Florida (UF) with the leadership of the Florida Semiconductor Institute (FSI), is answering the call with a comprehensive educational programs and options.
  • UF offers the first comprehensive education & training program codenamed CHIPS-21st. This program offers innovative, flexible degree options for every learner, such as 100% online (EDGE), hands-on modalities, short-courses, micro-credentials, and higher education options in semiconductors, microelectronics, packing, and chip assurance.

CHIPS 21st Curriculum

  • ​CHIPS Content: emerging materials, semiconductors, chip design, microelectronics, Advanced & 3DHI packing, chip assurance, supply chain, sustainable manufacturing, chips & applications (space, electronics, wearables, healthcare, VR/AR, quantum, ) and more.
  • U-Chose: Master of Science degree in ‘Semiconductor’ (in-progress), stackable certificates, Bachelor of Science minor/concentration; plus associate degrees through partner Valencia Community College.
  • Flexible Learning: online (EDGE) or residential programs.
  • 21st Delivery: Virtual labs, avatar learning, chip-full-circle (design, tapeout, package, test, assurance, lifecycle) manufacturing, co-op and internship opportunities, team projects

Our Partners

  • Florida International University
  • National Microelectronics Security training Center (MEST)
  • Santa Fe College
  • University of Central Florida
  • Valencia College
  • FSI Beyond:  industry partners, mentors and advisors including industry senior executives

Our Educational Partners

Florida International University
 Micro-Electronics Security Training (MEST) Center
 Santa Fe College
University of Central Florida
Valencia College