Welcome to the Florida Semiconductor Institute!

Director’s Message

Semiconductors – chips – are everywhere in daily life, from your razor and coffee machine in the morning, to help operate your car, they are in our phones, computers, and data centers, and in satellites and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. No surprise, therefore, that the semiconductor industry is the 4th largest sector in the U.S. and $~0.5T globally.

As such, ‘chips’ are key for the many business services we enjoy such as ‘automation’, but also for national security and emerging innovations like quantum science or personalized health. However, most chips, while invented in the U.S., are mostly fabricated overseas, which challenges a sustainable supply chain and ‘trust’ in foreign-produced chips.

To address this, the bipartisan supported CHIPS and Science Act from 2022 was signed – an economic plan …

  • to reshore ’semiconductor’ manufacturing
  • to stimulate private investment
  • to create a 0.25 Million new jobs.

       A Vision for Florida …
Together, the University of Florida (UF) & the State of Florida have an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate leadership in ‘semiconductors’ & attract federal & private funding. Indeed, Florida is well positioned, boosting the 5th largest semiconductor workforce in the nation, however, lacks large-volume chip manufacturing foundries. Fortunately, the University of Florida is home to world‘s top innovators & modern educational modules driving translational research accelerating lab-to-fab, yet more R&D and educational space is needed. That is, because to double the U.S. workforce in semiconductors in one decade, as aimed for in the CHIPS Act, we have to graduate 10x more students that we do today.

The Florida Semiconductor Institute (FSI)  at UF is a powerhouse for R&D, innovation and education on-and around emerging materials, chip design, process development, heterogeneous integration, advanced packaging, and assurance and cybersecurity. Educationally, FSI and UF offer the first comprehensive education & training program on semiconductors and chips, named, CHIPS-21st. This program offers innovative, flexible degree options for every learner, such as 100% online (EDGE), hands-on modalities, short-courses, micro-credentials, and higher education options in semiconductors, microelectronics, packing, and chip assurance. Our graduates enjoy top placements such as in leading electronics manufacturers or start their own venture alike.

Moreover, we enjoy our many close industry partners and offer a tiered membership engagement program.

Given our strong topical R&D on heterogeneous integration, advanced chip packaging, and chip assurance, we are and will lead several funding programs from the CHIPS act, such as the ME Commons, Manufacturing Institute on Microelectronics Packaging (MPI), the National Advanced Packaging and Manufacturing Program (NAPMP), and can be a center of excellence for the upcoming NSTC.

I personally welcome everyone to FSI and UF. We have much work to do over the coming years and decade.

-Volker J. Sorger
Director, Florida Semiconductor Institute
Rhines Endowed Chair Professor in Semiconductor Photonics

The Vision

  • Lead/Advise/Coordinate the State in Matters on Microchips
  • Accelerate R&D and translate IP/know-how to Industry
  • Demonstrate National Responsibility for Microchip (e.g. Supply Chain)
  • Make Florida an attractive State for Investors
  • Enable the Creation of 10,000+ new Jobs in Florida​

The Mission

  • Produce skilled workforce in the semiconductor field for state and national needs
  • Nurture and grow semiconductor industry in Florida (via R&D&T&M&…)
  • Connect researchers with semiconductor expertise to help secure center grants & contracts
  • Broaden education portfolio responding to emerging semiconductor technology needs