Research & Development Facility

Research & Development Facility

Welcome to the Florida Semiconductor Institute (FSI) and the Florida Institute of Cyber Security (FICS) Lab, two leading research institutions housed within a shared state-of-the-art facility. While FSI focuses on semiconductor technology and FICS specializes in cybersecurity, both institutes operate within the same physical space, fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration.

The shared research facility housing FSI and FICS at Malachowsky Hall provides a collaborative environment for researchers, students, and industry partners. While FSI and FICS pursue distinct research agendas, the shared space encourages interaction and cross-pollination of ideas. Researchers from both institutes have the opportunity to collaborate on projects at the intersection of semiconductor technology and cybersecurity, driving innovation and addressing complex challenges in today’s digital landscape.

Florida Semiconductor Institute (FSI)

The Florida Semiconductor Institute (FSI) is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of semiconductor technology through innovative research and development. Our mission encompasses the exploration of advanced semiconductor materials, device fabrication techniques, integrated circuit design, and nanoelectronics. FSI serves as a catalyst for industry collaboration, academic research, and technological advancement in the semiconductor field.

Florida Institute of Cyber Security (FICS)

The Florida Institute of Cyber Security (FICS) is a premier research Institute focused on cybersecurity. Our team of experts specializes in cybersecurity research and development, secure software engineering, network security, and cyber threat intelligence. FICS is committed to safeguarding critical infrastructure, networks, and data from cyber threats through innovative research and practical solutions.

Interested in Joining Us?

If you’re passionate about semiconductor technology, cybersecurity, or the intersection of these fields, we welcome collaboration at the Florida Semiconductor Institute and Florida Institute of Cyber Security. Whether you’re seeking lab space, interested in exploring our state-of-the-art facilities, engaging with our knowledgeable faculty and researchers, or joining a dynamic community committed to advancing technology and safeguarding our digital future, please reach out to us HERE. We await your request to be a part of our innovative endeavors.