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​MEMS, RF/mmWave, and IoT


FSI is actively involved in researching and developing devices in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs), radio frequency/millimeter wavelength (RF/mmWave) and internet of things (IoT). MmWave technology is an exciting field with applications in telecommunications, radar and sensing by allowing for high bandwidths, low latency and decreased form factor. There are still challenges that exist in this field with the need for high gain antennas due to the free space path loss and attenuation, we at FSI are working to use MEMs technologies, metamaterials, and novel designs to advance the field. MmWave technology also opens the door for point to point communication, both inter- & intrachip. Along with mmWave technology, MEMs and nano-electromechanical systems (NEMs) are also a focus at FSI. MEMs and NEMs devices can be utilized in conjunction with mmWave technology to produce a broadband and reslient systems. MEMs and NEMs can also be used in other applications such as resonators, oscillators, ad nanomechanical mass sensing.
With these new mmWave & MEMs technologies a door is opened to make many new smart devices contributing to the internet of things. We at FSI are dedicated to making smart devices not only more efficient and practical, but also to making them secure. FSI has experts focusing their efforts on low power systems, robust systems, implantable devices, wearable devices and hardware level security. Work in these fields involves low power design techniques, bio-electrical/chemical/mechanical interfaces, and design level protections to ensure smart devices work as intended for all. (image source: