DeSantis Proposes $80 Million for FSI

In a monumental move towards advancing Florida’s semiconductor landscape, Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed an $80 million investment for the University of Florida’s Florida Semiconductor Institute (FSI) in the upcoming 2024 legislative session.

Florida boost the 5th largest workforce in semiconductors and is taking a lead in next-generation chips  (i.e. ‘specialty electronics’) such as used for space, defense, and consumer electronics. Hence, this strategic allocation builds on the success of previous investments, including a $35 million grant for educational institutions through the Florida Department of Education’s Workforce Capitalization Incentive Grant Program and a $28 million in key institutions like NeoCity, Valencia College, Santa Fe College, Eastern Florida State College, and Lake Technical College.

‘We are preparing a strategic plan for Florida to guide semiconductor R&D and create handshakes to upscale technology into Florida’s chips manufacturing ecosystem and beyond.”, says Volker J. Sorger, Director Florida Semiconductor Institute, at the University of Florida.

Governor DeSantis emphasized the critical role played by industries like semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging in fortifying national security and creating economic opportunities within the state. The proposed $80 million for FSI aims to position Florida at the forefront of semiconductor innovation, driving cutting-edge research and cultivating a highly skilled workforce. If you would like to watch the Semiconductor press conference, please click here.