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Midas Immersion Cooling Collaborates with Dr. Dalir’s Lab at the University of Florida’s Semiconductor Institute to Revolutionize Immersion Cooling Technology

In an exciting new partnership, Midas Immersion Cooling (Midas), a leading innovator in immersion cooling solutions, has teamed up with the University of Florida’s Semiconductor Institute (FSI) to push the boundaries of semiconductor and immersion cooling technology. This collaboration is set to transform the landscape of semiconductor cooling through cutting-edge research and development.

Midas has generously donated advanced immersion cooling equipment valued at approximately $227,540 to Dr. Hamed Dalir’s lab at UF, underscoring a shared commitment to pioneering innovation in semiconductor cooling. This partnership aims to tackle critical industry challenges by exploring novel applications in the defense sector, enhancing energy efficiency in future data centers, and developing semiconductor designs optimized for liquid cooling. Additionally, the research will delve into the potential of optical technologies within liquid environments.

Dr. Hamed Dalir, an expert in high-power semiconductors and high-speed photonic computing, leads the research team at FSI. Dr. Dalir, supported by Midas, will oversee the development, construction, and validation of various high-power cutting-edge technologies. This collaboration positions both entities at the forefront of research that will shape the future of cooling technologies.

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